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Luicfer, (A.K.A.) Satan

In Satan on April 5, 2012 at 11:31 am

The writers of the Sacred Scriptures nowhere attempt to prove the existence of God. Moses takes it for granted, and proceeds to state, in the first chapters of Genesis, what God has created. Nor do they attempt to prove the existence of a Spiritual Being, whom they call in the Hebrew, Satan; which means an opposer, a foe, an enemy. They speak of it as a fact that needs no proof; for the world is full of the evidences of his real, personal existence, and of his mighty power, and unremitting hatred of God and of man. We are fully aware of the fact that the personal existence of Satan is admitted by nearly all those who bear the Christian name. It is at least among the articles of their faith. But by the great majority of professing Christians of the present day, it is so feebly realized, and so superficially regarded, that their faith is, in a great degree, inoperative, and the fact of his existence, and influence upon the minds of the people, is virtually disbelieved. One striking difference between the experience of Christians, as recorded in the New Testament is that they felt and acted as if there was a great and mighty adversary for them to oppose ; and they speak of their spiritual conflicts with him ; but the wisdom and philosophy of our day have looked upon his existence as a myth, or at best, but another name for the wayward disposition of man.  This, however, is not the scriptural representation of the matter.

The Bible speaks of him as a mighty spirit, once holy, but now fallen through pride; as the deceiver of man ; as the usurper of the dominion of this world, and as ‘the Prince of this world’, and also of the power of the air, and ‘the Spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience.’— Through his influence and wiles, our first parents lost the image and the likeness of God in which they were created, and also the dominion over the earth which God had bestowed on man. Satan deposed man, and took his place. Since then he has not ceased to exert his influence over man; to enslave his mind by gross superstitions ; to debase and defile his body by vile affections ; to shut him out of heaven by leaguing him in with himself in opposition to God. Accordingly we find that although the agent, Satan, is the same at all times, yet the mode of his operations differs in different ages and among different people, according to the degree of their intellectual culture, or the amount of Scriptural truth and knowledge they might possess.   In an age like ours, where intellectualism and mammon are the gods to the masses of the people, Satan must suit his wiles to the spirit of the age, and to the character of the people, if he would succeed in leading them to bow down gods of reason, and to ignore their Creator and the revelation he has given them.

The Arch-Deceiver continually varies his wiles. Old forms of spiritual delusion pass away; but from their seeds other forms spring up, which are just as far from the truth as the former.— Each successive age or generation boasts of its freedom from the follies of the past, and laughs at the ignorance and superstition of their fathers, while it is itself the victim of those Satanic delusions which are more in accordance with the circumstances, advanced knowledge, or philosophic spirit of the age. And just as we change our garments and adapt them to the season of the year upon which we may enter, while our nature remains the same—so will it be with these varied exhibitions of Satanic power; their forms differ, but their essential features are the same; and these varied manifestations will continue to come and to go, until the kingdom of Satan, on earth, be overthrown, the reign of sin be superseded by that of holiness, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.