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Be Led by the Spirit. (The Holy Spirit)

In The Holy Spiirt on May 18, 2012 at 8:00 am

When the Holy Ghost is the teacher, he leads to Christ, he exalts Christ, he reveals Christ, he takes of the things of Christ and makes them known, he glorifies Jesus in the word, and by it in our understandings; so that we know him, believe on him, and have communion with him. Then we live on him as our all in all; and live to him in all; receiving out of his fullness every blessing of grace, and many sweet foretastes of eternal glory.

Jesus is the glory of his people. The knowledge of him is life everlasting. And to enter spiritually into what the Holy Ghost hath revealed concerning him in the written word, and to receive into our minds, and give full credit in our hearts to the record of God concerning his Son, is the fruit and effect of the supernatural teaching of the eternal Spirit; he is the Anointing which teacheth all things and leads into all truth.

Remember the matter of importance is not what you are, but what Christ is. He is the Saviour, self-existent, all-sufficient, suited exactly to your case. There is not a wound sin has given that he can’t heal, not a stain  his blood cannot cleanse, not a sin he can not pardon, not a want he can’t supply, not a corruption he can’t subdue, not a sorrow he can’t turn it into joy, not an enemy he can’t conquer, not a blessing he can’t bestow: oh he is a precious, precious, precious Jesus.  Look at him as set forth before you in the word, and trust on him according to the reason you have for so doing it; believe on him by it, hold communion with him in it, and learn to improve it to his glory and your soul’s good.

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