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Satanic Knowledge

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Paganism and the gross forms of heathen idolatry, are not adapted to our present enlightened and social state.  It only needs another name: the name of ” Free Love,” and the sanction of laws which Satan himself has helped to frame.   Some can be led as the willing slaves of their lusts. But, there are others, Satan must secure by other means. Reason is their god. To them, the revelations of the Most High are, enigmatic hints of things they cannot comprehend.

“For the god of this world hath blinded their minds, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine into their hearts, and give them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ“, (2 Cor.4:4-6) They must have certain knowledge, and such a knowledge of secret and future things, as God, in His infinite wisdom, withholds from man; for he would have man “walk by faith, not by sight,” (2 Cor. 5:7.) But, what God withholds, Satan offers to impart. They would lift the veil that hides the unseen world from them, and seek to know from those who inhabit it, the things which God has hidden from them, and purposes they shall not know.

The knowledge of Satan is not like ours. We can know nothing of the invisible world from our own observation. Satan can and does.— The invisible world is all untrodden ground to us. To him it is all known and familiar. He, doubtless, does and can know facts, and reveal them too, which it would gratify the curiosity of our nature to know. Facts, long since transpired, even before the birth of any now on earth, are not blotted out of the memory of Satan, who, we may suppose, retains all the knowledge he has ever had of our world for the past 6000 years. These facts he may communicate to man, (and none can prove that he cannot); and these facts being found to be true, the door is now opened wide for the full belief of any number, or any kind of real or supposed facts that Satan may see fit to communicate. The reality of one truth will pave the way for many falsehoods, all of which may be believed with equal faith. In this way, Satan will satisfy the minds of multitudes of the philosophically wise. And as they judge they can find that knowledge in and through his communications which they cannot obtain from the Word of God, the result is easily foreseen. They will reject the revelation which God has given them, as a work behind the age, and not meeting the demands of the times. If this be not so with those who now believe in the revelations that God has made to them in His Word, they will super-add to it these supposed revelations of facts by Satan, and thus will they virtually set aside the Word of God entirely as a rule of life.

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