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Jesus is Coming

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The Son of man cometh.”Matt. 24:44.

If we had no other Scripture, we should expect the Son of Man to come. One jot or one tittle of God’s Word is as sure as God Himself. It can never fail. Jesus said, “The Son of Man cometh,” and this would be sufficient if we had no other Scripture, but we do have other Scriptures. “They shall see the Son of Man coming.” — (Matt. 24: 30) “Your Lord doth come,” — Ver. 42. “The lord of that servant shall come.” — Ver. 50. “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.” (Matt. 25 : 6.) “When the Son of Man shall come.” —(Matt. 25:31.)

There is a great deal in the Bible about the second coming of Jesus. Someone has said that the second coming of our Lord is mentioned one hundred and twenty times in the New Testament. Another has said that four per cent of the New Testament is given to this one subject. Still another has said that one verse out of every twenty-six in the entire Bible mentions the second coming of Christ.

The wicked will grow worse until Jesus comes; the righteous, at least a part of them, will grow better.  Some day, without any warning, the trump of God will sound, Jesus will pass around the world as lightning, and those who are alive and are ready for His coming, with all who died ready for His coming, will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  The Great Tribulation will then set in.  Tribulation such as men have never seen before will come upon the inhabitants of the earth. Just how long these will continue, I am unable to say.  During The Great Tribulation the saints will be in the air preparing for the Marriage of the Lamb.  The Marriage and the Marriage Supper take place just before the close of The Tribulation.  During The Tribulation the Antichrist will be manifested.  At the close of The Tribulation, Jesus rides down from heaven on a white horse, followed by the armies of heaven on white horses, captures the Antichrist, and casts him into the lake of fire. He then lays hold on the devil and binds him in the pit for a thousand years.  During these thousand years Jesus reigns King over the whole earth, having His throne in Jerusalem.  The Millennium will be a time of great peace and prosperity to the inhabitants of the earth.

At the close of the thousand years Satan will be loosed for a little season, will go out upon the face of the earth, and will find many followers.  He will deceive many, and will cause them to come in battle array against Christ and His Throne.  After Satan and his followers have gathered about Jerusalem, fire falls upon them, and they are swept away.  Satan is cast into the lake of fire, and all the wicked are brought to judgment.  The wicked, having been judged and resurrected, are cast into the lake of fire.  All things that offend are taken out of the earth, and the earth is made new.  The Holy City, New Jerusalem, comes down and hangs over the earth.  Nations will be born, and the earth will abide forever.

“The earth abideth forever.” — Eccl. 1: 4.

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