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The Spiritual Realm is Real

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The spiritual realm is a real unseen existence, alive and active. There is a war going on of satan, and his demonic spirits (evil), against God, and His angels, and praying saints (good). This war is for the possession of your soul (mind, will, and emotions) and to dominate the unredeemed spirit of that person. There are many lies out there. Let me give you insight how these work to draw you away from God and the relationship He desires to have with you, and His plan for your life in Him.

Lie #1 All people will be forgiven and be in Heaven. God will surely forgive me without Jesus in my life.
Lie #2 There is no God or Devil.
Lie #3 There is no Heaven or Hell.
Lie #4 The Bible was just a book written by men.
Lie #5 Religion was thought up by a man or men to control the masses.
Lie #6 Man evolved.
Lie #7 I believe some of the Bible is true and I don’t take it so literal; I am okay.

Lie #8 I can get to Heaven on my own good behavior or merit.
Lie #9 I am good and I will be good and help others. (This is called“works.”)
Lie #10 I believe in God but I don’t think I need to ask Jesus into my heart, because there are many ways to Him.
Lie #11 I believe there is a God. I believe in God. This “cross” or “Jesus” thing is not for me.
Lie #12 I believe in God, and His Son and what Jesus did. I am good, and that is good enough!
Lie #13 I believe Jesus was just a Prophet sent by God.
Lie #14 How can Jesus’ Blood save anyone? …that’s a bloody religion. Do you expect me to teach my children that?
Lie #15 God is dead or I am not important enough to Him … it’s God’s fault, what kind of God would…, and the lies goes on!

The devil gives people excuses and reasons to believe God does not exist or that He is afar off. The devil is also trying to persuade people into thinking they don’t need God or that He is a weak God. The devil does not want you to know that God is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, and the One True and LIVING God.
The devil, Lucifer, is a created being, a fallen Cherub (angel), who became twisted on the inside. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which weakened the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12) The only power the devil has is the power you give him over yourself by believing his lies. These lies are like a trap, or a snare that take people captive. The devil, the enemy of God, and his evil followers on this planet are always trying to draw you and me away from our Heavenly Father, a relationship with Him, and His plan for our lives. Most people don’t even realize when they are deceived or ensnared, that is how slick (devious) the devil is. The most dangerous thing I see in people that allows this deception to occur is pride. Pride is blindness to God and the reality that we need Him! Pride tells us that we can do things without God’s help or intervention. That is dangerous. Through pride we become blinded, set in our minds and hearts to go another way (stiff necked), with a bad attitude (hard-hearted) and rebellious (against or opposing God). When blinded like that we can believe a lie or think we are okay even when we are not. God is the turning point, the turning around place, is in Him! We need God’s help! We need God!

This is extremely important!
When you receive Jesus Christ into your heart, His character, and the power of God will bring change into your life! Sometimes it is experienced and seen quickly and at other times it is not as evident.
Conversion can be defined as a change that takes place in our heart or spirit-man, through the Spirit of God. We are born into this world, separated from God, due to sin. We become awakened or “made alive” to God through the intervention of His Holy Spirit in our lives, moving us to repentance. Repentance is the turning away from our sinful nature, by acknowledging our sin in the Presence of a Holy God through prayer, where we realize in God’s Presence we fall short of being Holy like Him, and then we turning to God receive His help, mercy and grace, to empower us to turn and change from our ways and to God’s ways and likeness (being). You know you have truly repented because once you have turned away from the sin you will not want to go back to it because you love God and don’t want to hurt Him. Remember sin hurts you in more ways than you may realize at that moment and it hurts others. When we repent it is a step to growth and maturity in Christ and in this life for ourselves. Repentance should shut doors that allow evil spirits and wrong people into our lives and opens doors for God to move and right relationships to flow into those areas of our lives.  This can only be done through the Holy Spirit as we submit or yield, to allow this change to take place in us. The Holy Spirit helps us to see this need to receive Jesus Christ as Savior, who takes away our sins and to receive Him as Lord, to help us live a life right unto God. At this point, by an act of faith on our part (believing that God is and trusting Him), we ask Jesus Christ into our heart (inner man) as Savior and Lord. This is the process of giving our lives to and receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We are now born into the Kingdom of God as his dear sons or daughters!
After receiving Jesus Christ into your heart a “desire” to remain in that relationship with Him will come alive or exist in you.

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