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The Millenium

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If the apostasy were to be the final close of human history, the pessimistic view of the world would come off victorious. But there is a day of bright prospects for the Church on earth to follow after the destruction of antichrist. The prophetic word tells us that the time of antichrist is to be suddenly interrupted and put an end to, by the coming of the Lord, by his manifestation in a visible and extraordinary manner, to found, by a fresh exercise of his power, a new era. He will slay the antichrist with the breath of his mouth, and bring him to nought by the manifestation of his coming (2 Thess. a: 8), and establish the millenial kingdom (Rev. 20: 4), and reign over the earth.  Satan will be bound (Rev. 20: 2, 3), and all antichristian principles will be banished from public life, and Christianity alone will rule in public life and its institutions. The kingdom and lordship of the world have now become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ (Rev. 11: 15).

It is possible that at the beginning of this period the conversion of the Jews takes place, and, according to hints given us in Scripture, there will now be a great alliance of Christian nations, with the converted nation of Israel at its head, and Christendom will be one flock under one Shepherd, and Christ shall rule on earth. This golden age will be a period of earthly consummation, of restoration and revival, but this is not yet the final heavenly consummation.

Scripture further informs us that this period shall have an end, that Satan shall again be loosed, and shall come forth to deceive the nations, and that a great apostasy again takes place.  Not till then does the end of the Last Day come, and with it the last judgment, when the heavens shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, shall appear, and the eternal kingdom of blessedness and glory begin (2 Pet. 3: 8-13). This kingdom is the everlasting heavenly Kingdom of God, and differs altogether from the Millenial Kingdom, already spoken of, as this latter was simply the highest consummation of the Church of God on earth.

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