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Communications From the Realm of Satan

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Communications from the hosts of the evil one are as real as those which come from the angels of God. Their origin is the same, and they had long dwelt and ministered together in heaven, the home of God. When sin entered among them, the sinning angels were driven out, and took up their abode on this earth.

Through the sin of man the dominion of the earth passed under the control of Satan and his sinful legions. From that time forward a constant warfare has waged between the two hosts,—the angels of God laboring unwearyingly to rescue man and bring the earth back to allegiance to God, while the hosts of evil are unceasing in their efforts to hold mankind in the bondage of sin, and to retain the earth in their possession.  Being of the same nature as the angels of God, the evil angels have the same power of communication with man.

To our Saviour, while a man upon earth, Satan appeared in visible form. He tempted Him in the wilderness, and bore Him bodily to the pinnacle of the temple and to the mountain top.

He can assume before men any form he chooses; he can transform himself “into an angel of light.” See 2 Cor. 11:14. His evil hosts assume the form and take on the peculiarities of those who are dead, personating them so accurately as to deceive their closest and dearest friends. They communicate openly through mediums, thus counterfeiting, though often in a low and undignified manner, the work of the Holy Spirit in its inspiration of the prophets.  But it is in their unseen, silent influence for evil that their greatest power lies. It is felt in every heart, and its fruit is borne in every life. As the angels of God influence toward a better life, so the evil angels counterwork. Through six thousand years of evil, cunning, and deceit they have become adepts in leading mankind away from God, into sin and unrighteousness. It will thus be seen that every medium of communication, every influence for good which God employs, is counterfeited by Satan and his evil host.  Heathenism and all forms of false worship have had their origin with Satan. He is responsible for the many forms of religion which, while they may contain much of good, have enough that is contrary to God’s word to mar the religious experience of those who conform to them. Satan is pleased to foster any religion which contains much of truth, if he can mix with it enough of error to mar the character and unfit men for the kingdom of God.  A professedly religious man who holds to serious errors, can do more to lead men from the true service of God than can an avowed infidel. His profession of religion disarms suspicion, and gives him an advantage which no out-and-out worldling possesses. Every weapon that can be devised to overthrow the true worship of the living God is employed by the enemy.

Character of Satanic Spirit Manifestations.

Our Saviour declares in regard to all false teaching, “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matt. 7:16)   There is beauty and awful grandeur in the appearance of the messengers from the courts above. Their communications have always been with dignity, and whether given in person or through a prophet, are usually accompanied with a reference to God as commanding what they have to declare. They hold no communication with wicked men, and depart from God’s people when they become estranged from heaven, as in the case of Saul, 1 Sam. 28:6.  In contrast with this are many of the common, degrading manifestations of familiar spirits, both ancient and modern.  In ancient times these familiar spirits communicated with wicked men and women, called wizards, witches, etc. See 1 Sam. 28:7, and other texts. Ancient Spiritualism originated among heathen nations.

They counterfeited the work of God, as in the case of the miracles performed through Moses and Aaron before the Egyptians. See Exodus 7, 8. Through their mediums they attempted to bring discredit upon the work of Christ when on earth. See Mark i: 23-26, etc. Through the soothsaying damsel they attempted to bring reproach and ridicule on the work of Paul and the other apostles. See Acts 16: 16-18. They took forcible possession of men and women, cast them down, threw them into the fire, and made their lives a burden to themselves and a terror to those around them. See Matt. 17: 14, 18. They compelled those whom they possessed to blaspheme and to speak contrary to their own desires.

In their rage they took possession of beasts, as in the case of the swine of Gergesa. See Matt. 8 : 18-32. In our own times the manifestations of these familiar spirits are often more common and degrading than in ancient days. In the Spiritualist organ, Spiritual Telegraph, No. 182, Amherst declares that he has “seen mediums rolling on the floor, uttering grunts like swine; giving vent to the most hideous yells; and at times beating their bodies and tearing their hair like lunatics.”

From the foregoing it may be readily seen that the term, “familiar spirits,” is well applied.

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